Speech Quote
  • 40% of non-cyclists now cycle at least once a week
  • 'After 25 years of non-cycling I now enjoy riding every day.' - Non-Cyclist
  • 'It has reminded me what fun cycling is and what a good way to keep fit.' - Occasional Cyclist
  • One in five people taking part in our Challenges hasn't cycled in the previous 12 months
  • 'After taking part in the Challenge, I realised that cycling was helping with stress relief. I am now riding my bike 3 times a week.' - Non-Cyclist
  • 'The Challenge was the kick I needed...now I cycle to work whenever I can.' - Non-Cyclist

A Workplace Cycle Challenge is a proven way to get more people cycling in your organisation or local community.

Create a team, challenge your colleagues and friends, and see who can get the most people to cycle for just 10 minutes...

Tag Swindon Cycle Challenge 2011 Oxfordshire Cycle Challenge

  • 4,870 PEOPLE
  • 234,698 MILES
  • 52,159 KG/CO2
The Challenge gave me the encouragement to cycle. Being registered blind and having minimal vision cycling is a very scary feat for me and yet I absolutely love it. The Challenge provided me with a reason to gain my confidence and I’m doing just that pedal by pedal!!
– Kerri K. (Non-Cyclist, Henmans LLP)

Tag Swindon Cycle Challenge 2012 Adelaide Tour de Work

  • 3,247 PEOPLE
  • 225,463 MILES
  • 51,418 KG/CO2
“It was a great initiative and reminds me that I'm contributing to my health and wellbeing as well as unclogging the roadways.” – Regular Cyclist