• 99% of participants say they would be likely to take part in another Challenge

  • 31% of non-cyclists now cycle to work at least once a week

  • 'Please do it again! It was much talked about and gave cycling a much higher profile.' - Regular Cyclist

  • 32% of existing cyclists that didn't commute now cycle to work at least once a week

  • 'I felt a huge sense of achievement and it helps with the petrol cost.' - Non-Cyclist

  • 49% of people taking part in our Challenges are non- or occasional cyclists

People Cycling

Over the last four years we have run over 50 Challenges, engaging 79,590 people and 3,666 organisations.

Our Challenges are proven to be consistently successful at:

  • Getting non-cyclists to take up and continue cycling.
  • Getting occasional cyclists to start cycling regularly.
  • Getting more people to cycle for transport purposes.

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